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Starting from scratch

Starting a business is tough, making the decision on how to create a website shouldn’t be. We have some advice:

1. Do not hire someone you have not met with.

It is extremely important that the team creating your website is someone you are familiar with, has good communication skills, understands your business, your industry, your location(s), and your goals.

2. Do not think a Facebook page will work as a website

Social media has a huge importance in your business today. That does not mean it can take the place of a website. A website is the first impression of your business and can win or lose customers based on it’s appearance.

3. Build your site for the future of your business

There are many different website building software out there. There are simple, user friendly versions that are great for the very small business that just wants a few pictures and a home page to the intricate website design software that can grow as you grow.

Fixing your current site

If you currently have a website that you are unhappy with, we can turn it into something you love. We can take the content from your current site and put our design touch on it.

We come across many websites that have not been updated for years, and it shows. Classic Graphics makes sure your site is constantly updated with fresh new content that shows your customers that you care about your professional appearance.

We will also do an SEO analysis on your site to decide whether or not it is setup to for Search Engine Optimization. This is potentially the most important part of your site; how your customers find you. You want to make sure your site is showing up when your customers and potential customers are searching for you.

Website Design
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Website design