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Labels and Stickers

We've been labeled as a great printer. We credit this to sticking to what we're good at.

Custom Stickers and Labels
Custom Stickers

An easy way to add your business’ logo to packaging, products, vehicles, or your laptop: Labels. Stickers with your logo are also great handouts for customers to use. Everyone loves a free sticker.

We can make them any size and shape you would like. Shapes include, circle, square, rectangle, oval and many more.

If you want the shape to take the form of your logo or design, we can do that as well!

In our mind, labels and stickers are a great promotional product for a business. People rarely throw out a sticker, they feel like they have to stick it to something. Boom free advertisement for you. Let Classic Graphics make a cool enough sticker for your customers to want to stick it everywhere. Call today!