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Logo Design is a form of art ...and we are Picasso

When starting a business, the most exciting part is creating a logo. That’s where we can help. Listening and learning about your business is a critical part of designing a long lasting logo. Anyone can create a logo using an image instead of a letter or any other predictable design. Our logos are timeless. We take your idea, notes and information and create the perfect logo for your business.

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Logo Design
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Logo Design
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Custom Graphic Deisgn
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Some of Our Print Designs

Classic Graphics began solely as a printing business in 1965. We know where the words uppercase and lowercase come from. We know what it’s like to actually make a copy of a sentence and glue (paste) it to another paper. You can trust us when it comes to designing your print material.

Don’t worry, we use computers now!

Our Process

Whether it is for a logo design or just designing a brochure, it is imperative that we meet, talk and understand your message, your organization, and your goals. From there we brainstorm, come to a conclusion, or two, and get to work on your first proof. Then we communicate through every step going forward and work closely with you and your critiques to come up with the perfect logo.

Our Secret

Our secret is simple. It’s communication. We find that the more we communicate and talk with our customers on the front end, the less back and forth there is and the simpler and quicker the design process is for the both of us. It may be over simplified but in reality it is rarely used correctly, until now.