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Fill out a Graphic Design Questionnaire to give us an idea of what you are looking for.

Our Definition:

Graphic Design is a form of communication from your business, cultivated from your message and brand, to the world. Although art is a large part of becoming a graphic designer, there is a difference. Designing has a purpose. That purpose is well thought out between you and our team.

Design for a business we don’t have any information about is not possible. On the other hand, to create exceptional design for your business or organization, it is imperative to get an in-depth understanding of you business. This happens through our own research, the history, the future, the goals, the team and what your customers think. We take a holistic approach when we approach the graphic design for you.

Our Results:

As a result of doing the hard work up front, the end results are priceless. Our customers love to tell us how we NAILED their visions and goals. We don’t want to take your money and throw out a generic icon. Our goal is always to create a partnership with our customers. Since we plan to work with you outside of just graphic design, it benefits us in the long run to be able to create a beautiful, timeless design.

We have clients in Fort Wayne and across the nation that use our designs, logos and more everyday! You could be next.

One Time Use

If your business needs graphic design help from time to time, we can be your resource on an as needed basis. Many of our customers have used us for their logo design and brand guidelines to start and as needed after that. Whether that is once a week or once a year, we are here to help!

Even if it is only once or twice a year, we know your business and your goals. We will keep your message consistent and professional every time!

Full Time Use

We understand it may not be feasible to hire a graphic designer in house for your business but you also want professional design for your marketing material and advertisements.

We offer monthly graphic design packages!

 – Easy to budget

 – No more counting hours

 – Consistent branding

 – Professional Marketing